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Free 8-Steps Course

Taken in various forms by 1000s of interior designers, no course has generated more profits for more interior designers than the 8 Steps. As a member of The Edge, we want you to consider this course as required! Even if you taken it before (or many times before) this version has been completely revamped to include more design-specific case studies and strategies. Enjoy, and thanks for being a member of The Edge!

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

"It was like divine intervention!"

“Oh my gosh...what an incredible event! This really helped m to get my business onto the right foot.”

“Gave me new way of looking at my business and helped me realize I could have a fulfilling life.”

“Thanks to the 8 Steps program, we grew our business 74% in one year and things just keep getting better.”

The 8 Steps

Your Business or Your Life
Getting All You Want Out of BOTH!

In ten video tutorials you will be able to develop a core strategy to achieve all of your goals. This legendary course includes:

  • The Photomap—a way to attach your business performance to powerful personal goals
  • Preparing for Change—an essential skill in today's fast-paced world;
  • Doing Less, Making More—How firms can often increase their bottom line by decreasing the top!
  • Discovering Ideal Customers—Who is it that will choose you and pay you more? 
  • Growing Roots—Designers often underestimate the power of repeat business. Here's how to lock clients in.
  • Pricing for Profit—The most powerful tool you have and how you can increase profits 100% almost overnight.
  • Breaking Out—how to use "breakeven analysis" as a tool to pay for all of your goals;
  • Reducing to the Ridiculous—making even the most complex tasks simply by tackling them task by task;
  • Adjusting All Your Means—where you'll learn the most powerful word in business!
To access your course, simply choose the best membership level for yourself from the options below. After registering, click on your "Dashboard" from the top menu and go to "My Courses." You'll be able to click on "the 8 Steps" and begin immediately.

If you have any questions about the various membership levels, please return to the "Home" page and watch the video overview.


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