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Urgent Announcement for Principal Members...

It's time to move to a whole new level of membership in The Edge. 

Based on over a year of feedback from Principal members and coaching and consulting clients, I am changing the format of membership to give the most personal attention I can to those who want and need it.

Because of this, Edge Membership will now include more extensive video conference calls, surveys, marketing insights, and even one-on-one coaching calls. Because of this, membership will be restricted to a limited number of designers from non-competing markets. 

Because of the personal attention, the fee is also going up, but membership is still far less than my previous coaching network, and still month-to-month. You can try it for a while and cancel at any time.

If you haven't seen the video trailer on the home page, you can watch it now by clicking on the link below:

Watch Video Trailer

Here's how to upgrade--it's a two-step process.

1) You must first stop your recurring billing profile on your existing Principal level membership. To do this:
   - Log in at www.edgemembership.com
   - Click on your name at the top right of the page and then select, "View profile"
   - Scroll down and click "Stop Recurring Payment"

2) Refresh your Profile page if necessary, and now the word "Change" will appear on the "Membership Level" line. 
(Your membership level will still say "Principal" as stopping your recurring billing does not terminate your membership until your next payment due date.)

3) Click on word "Change" and follow the prompts to create a new credit card payment profile. 

Your card will immediately be charged and you will be notified that your application is under review. That's because we're becoming more restrictive in enforcing the non-compete provision. However, as a Principal member, you will automatically be accepted for membership in The Edge. 

But do keep in mind that if you decide not to upgrade, we can't guarantee that a membership will still be available in your market should you apply at some future date. 

You will have full access to the Principal level materials and will receive all member materials in April. However, if you have not upgraded as of May 1, 2018, we will terminate your recurring billing profile and Principal level membership.

And if you have any questions at all, please contact us, and thanks for being a Principal member of The Edge!

David Shepherd, Founder
The Edge

P.S. Once you have successfully stopped your recurring billing profile (or asked us to do so for you) you can also click HERE to upgrade to the new Edge Membership. 

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